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The JINNING Laboratory provides analytical services for geochemistry, hard rock mining industries.In addition to satisfying your analytical requirements, JINNING aims to form collaborative partnerships and assist our clients to meet their goals in today’s challenging environment.

JINNING will provide customized solutions that best suit our clients’ requirements while ensuring that the high-quality analysis and services are not compromised.


Using Fire assay and a combination of AAS and ICP-OES we can quickly accurately testfor gold and platinum group elements.


Using peroxide fusion and ICP-OES we can test for a range of trace elements.

Volumetric and Gravimetric methods

Water is a precious resource throughout Australia. Mining is often water-intensive and is estimated to generate hundreds of millions of tonnes of wastewater each year. Wastewater treatment is critical for mining applications. Used in mineral processing to recover valuable metals from ore, water is essential to the mining industry. However, using water in this way causes mineral contaminants and other solids to accumulate in your process water supply. This leads to contaminated mining wastewater that cannot be reused or returned into the environment At Jinning, we take wastewater seriously. Our team is ready to offer you the most effective solution to tackle your wastewater problem.

*Sampling( sorting, preparation)

*draft survey

*hatch suitability survey, sealing

*loading supervision

*discharging supervision

*quality testing (moisture and lab analysis)

(Grains:Wheat, Barley, Canola , sorghum, Oaten hay, Eatable oils, Wine, dairy product, wood chip, wool, lamb skin, fertilizer)

* Production survey

*Loading supervision

*Product Traceability for exports and imports

*Quality assurance survey

*Claim survey

*Onsite survey and evaluation

*Returned goods survey

*Damaged goods survey

* Used machinery and equipment export certification

*Quality survey

*Export inspection and certification

*Goods evaluation according to importing counties requirements

*Environmental survey for hazardous materials or radiationconvet belt

(Honey, Baby formular milk powder, Juice)

*Loading supervision

*Production survey

*Quality test and certification

*Label certification

Our Clients

Good relationships with our clients are the lifeline of our organization. Having a strong relationship is now more important than ever in order to be able to operate successfully in the current market.

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